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Register Perfect Declipper
Thank you for your interest in Perfect Declipper!

To register your copy of Perfect Declipper, please select the license that you want, and click on the Buy Now button.

IMPORTANT: The 'Limited WInamp/DSP' license works ONLY in the Winamp DSP version of Perfect Declipper and Stereo Tool. More importantly, it plays a beep at random times (on average once per two hours).
If you don't want this, you need the full license.

 License   Price      Contains  
 DECLIPPER full license

  € 100,=      - DeClipper  
 DECLIPPER private limited Winamp/DSP license

  € 30,=      - DeClipper
Only for private use!
This license can only be used for the Winamp DSP plugin versions of Perfect Declipper and Stereo Tool. It plays a short beep at random moments on average every 2 hours.
So why this strange type of license? The reason is that there are many consumers on a budget who want to listen to declipped music. The occasional beep and the limitation that it only works for the Winamp DSP plugins makes it unusable for professional use.

No PayPal or credit card? You can also transfer money to Sound Audio Processing, international bank account
(IBAN) NL73 RABO 0162 3483 20, BIC RABONL2U. Please list your email address in the comments field.

A single license is valid for either:
  • One person. Use it on your laptop, desktop, work pc.
  • or:
  • One pc. Multiple people can use one Stereo Tool license on the same pc.

  • Before registering, please make sure that the options that you want to use are functioning properly.

    After reception of your payment, you will receive an email containing your registration key.

    To complete the registration, start up Perfect Declipper or Stereo Tool (you can use the key in both programs) and click on the Register button. Copy your registration key, including the < and > characters, to the text field in the registration window, and click OK.

    The registration window. The key displayed here is fake.

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    SA Perfect Declipper is shareware. You are free to give it to others, publish it on shareware CDs/DVDs, websites etc.